Embarking on my Bitcoin Trading Journey: Learn Basic Technical Analysis

My Trading Experience

I first dabbled with Trading and Technical Analysis back in November 2012, when I first got into Forex Trading. Back then, I was introduced to an Automated Forex Robot that could rake in passive income of about 5-10% a month, and used a Martingale (doubling) strategy for trading. In less than 3 months, half of my account went bust because I was using too high of a risk-reward setting, coupled with a highly volatile GBP/USD market on the 4th of January 2013.

I did a fair share of Finance courses during my Business studies, and had a basic understanding of the Equity and Forex markets, and thought that I knew what I was doing. But oh was I so wrong! After this setback, I began to learn more about Technical Analysis to supplement my Auto Trading, and more importantly, to really understand what I was investing in.

I continued using the Forex Robot for the next 10 months up till November 2013, as I began to shift out my funds into Bitcoin after finally turning a profit in August. Since then, I have been following Bitcoin more closely, and have been super interested in learning how to trade Bitcoin.

Getting Started

Back when I was learning more about Forex trading, I went to Forex school at Babypips, and learnt some of the fundamentals of chart reading and trading, such as reading candles and trading concepts. Unfortunately, I dropped out somewhere through Elementary School, after they lost me with all kinds of different indicators I could not see the use for. On the other hand, I still do think Babypips is a fantastic resource, especially for beginners who are keen to learn how to trade and better understand the Bitcoin market.

More recently, since I made my first few panic buys and sells and lost some Bitcoins trading, I have been picking up again on Technical Analysis and Trading strategies. I'm not an expert at this, and neither should you take my words as investment advice, but I'm here to share some of my thoughts on Bitcoin trading, and I hope it is of great help to you!

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me at @onemanatatime.

Learn the Basics of Trading

If you're a beginner trader, first thing you should learn is to read charts. Chart patterns signal to traders that the price of a security is likely to move in one direction or another when the pattern is complete. I'd like to bring your attention three chart patterns that will appear very often. I also took the time to show you how these relate to Bitcoin trading with the charting tools I use on TradingView. Enjoy!

Secondly, another analysis tool I think is very useful, is the Fibonacci Extension. Fibonacci is pretty tough to understand, and more so to chart with Bitcoin due to the lack of available tools which allow for it. But in essence, the Fibonacci sequence is a unique string of numbers which adds the sum of the two numbers before it, and is the deravitive of the Golden Ratio. People like to call them the "magic" numbers, and very aptly so, as they're present all throughout Nature.

Jason Stapleton shares the secret of Fibonacci Trading; that is to understand that Fibonacci (extension) is simply a tool. But when employed properly, and in conjunction with other indicators, it can present enourmously profitable, high reward low risk trading opportunities. Watch his video here: