Insider News and Predictions: Eyes on Quarkcoin & Zetacoin - The Future of Crytpo Currency?

Since I mentioned a resistance/support of $50/$25 for LTC in my post from 2 days ago, LTC prices have found it's support at $23.51, and has risen over the last 4 hours to it's current BTC-e price of about $32. Hold on tight to your Litecoins because I think prices are going to continue going up and break the $50 resistance by Friday, probably earlier. I wasn't thinking of writing a post today, and I still owe you a post about Panic selling/buying & Bull/Bear traps, but I found some interesting topics to write about that will interest you altcoin and crypto junkies.

What really triggered this blog post was a tweet I saw by Keiser, featuring Quarkcoin (QRK) alongside Bitcoin and Litecoin as the cryptocurrenies of choice. I first saw the word Quarkcoin when it broke into the top 10 market cap with over 300% increase in market capaitalization value overnight.

I overlooked it even after seeing it rise from 6th to 5th, until I saw what Keiser tweeted:

If Keiser said it, it has to be worth something. With his reach and influence within the Bitcoin community, we could see a huge jump in Quark prices soon, even if it doesn't have much value. From my research so far, I found out that Quark uses nine rounds of secure hashing from six different algorithms to make Quark transactions super secure. Many programmers have been worried about whether or not the Bitcoin protocol is hackable, but Quark has just made it even closer to impossible by using a mix of algorithms. On the other hand, what intrigues me is that 98.9% of the Quarks have already been mined (see the Reddit discussion here), which makes me wonder how this is a good thing. If you know how this is beneficial to the community, please drop a comment down below! Greatly appreciated!

Apparently the prices surged after a video of Bill Still, a legendary Economics cult figure went viral among the Bitcoin community. What's notable is that Bill will be appearing on a Keiser Report interview, which airs on the 19th of December, so keep your eyes peeled.